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Welcome to CT World School, Jalandhar. A School you will be proud to be associated with . I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. - Mark Twain This quote lays the foundation of a system of education that aims at preparing the learners to face the challenges in Real Life. Our endeavor at CT World School is to address every aspect of development of young learners to prepare them for the Test Called Life. Our motto Connecting Life and Learning epitomize the spirit of the school. CT World School is the World in Miniature where one receives a Training for Life where effective, joyful and meaningful learning takes place and where education as a synonym for life keeps pace with the constant flow of change, innovation and invention that we as a society witness in recent times. We offer significant Sporting, Creative, Performing, Musical, Cultural, Social and Leadership opportunities to our students alongside a comprehensive academic study program to let the children explore their inner capabilities and pave their independent path towards success, a path illuminated by the sound values of an upright education system. It is my great privilege to be the foundation Principal of this unique new school and I invite all the prospective parents and students to explore and experience the innovative, student centered and high performing 21st century learning environment school. Looking forward to a strong bond of trust, affection and respect between the parents and CT World School. We are as eager as you are for your children to find satisfaction in school, and with your support and involvement , success is guaranted.

Mrs. Madhu Sharma